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Why a VIP club?  Mike's friends and fellow beer drinkers kept asking him if they could kick in some money to help cover the cost of brewing the beer they were all enjoying.  For Mike, it is all about sharing his hobby with his friends.  Mike then realized it made sense to take some contributions and use them to make charitable donations.  

Becoming a VIP is easy.  Have a beer with Mike at the brewery, or somewhere around town, and he will give you a VIP card.  Make a $20 contribution and receive a license plate that you can take home and decorate with your personal design.  Return the plate on your next visit and Mike will hang it in the brewery for everyone to see.  You will then receive VIP status at the brewery for the rest of your life!  What does VIP status include?  Whatever Mike thinks  you deserve, including frequent samples of his beers.

Contributions are encouraged but not required to visit the brewery. Remember, the money goes to the charities, not Mike. Bottom line, the purpose of the brewery is to have fun!  


Evan L. (E.MO) Moser

April 17, 1928 - August 17, 1999

Well, one obvious reason is that Mike operates the brewery.  But the reality is that he chose the name in memory of his father-in-law Evan (E.Mo) Moser. A long time ago, in a city far, far away... OK, Dallas, there was a family gathering at Mike's house and on one of the frequent trips to the beer box, he noticed a note had been placed on it's door. While the old beer refrigerator is long gone Mike actually kept the note all these years. Although a bit bug-eaten, he was so excited when he found the note pinned to the wall in his garage.




Mike created the Mike-Ro-Brewery because he loves beer.  So much so that he wanted to learn how to make his own.  Mike deploys several proven techniques to ensure the quality of what he brews is at its best.  If you like beer, you have something in common with Mike.  Get in touch and he'll give you a tour!

Family owned and operated by mike

Mike Hagan, a certified Beer Connoisseur and Cicerone Beer Server, started constructing the Mike-Ro-Brewery in early 2014 with the first beer ready for consumption in early 2015. Yep, it took longer than he thought to build a home brewery. But it finally came to fruition with the help and support of his family. From left to right meet his sons Travis and Dusty, and his wife Candy.